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1. Low speed Sorma u-matic heavy scrubber Scrub or strip clean old polish and dirt on all types of floors.
2. Auto-scrubber Scrub all ceramic glazed tiles automatically it rinses and vacuum. 
3. High-speed Polivac Buffing machine Spray buff clean all types of sealed and polished floor surface for high shine for daily use for terrazo and marbles floor.
4. U-matic vacuum cleaner For industrial and commercial vacuuming.
5. Wet and dry vacuum For heavy suction of stained water.
6. Clarke industrial floor sweep Vacuum clean dust and sand particles on road and parking areas suitable for tar road.
7. Carpet extractor For steam shampooing carpet
8. Kew heavy duty high pressure washer For pressure wash walls, ramps and drains to remove fungus and debrits at all walking passages.
9. Trolleys Four trolleys will be provided.
10. Press mop set Four sets will be provided.
11. Ladders Two ladders will be provided.
12. Extension pole glass cleaner One set will be provided.
13. Dust mop Two sets will be provided.
14. Fix Universal Climb For cleaning all corners and edges.
15. Plastic Bags For rubbish disposal.
16. Long hose/clips For cleaning purposes.
17. Scaffolding For lower ground, ground floor and first floor.

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